I have been a Certified Life Coach since 2008 and have specialized in the unique challenges of women, single mothers and those living with chronic health conditions. I have since expanded my practice to include behavioral health as my number one specialty. I endured over five years of personal experience of caring for and living with a child/adolescent with behavioral health issues, as well as my own journey with anxiety, depression, and post-partum depression. Having come out the other side of the crisis, I see the deep and urgent need for coaching and advocacy within the behavioral health community.

My areas of expertise within my coaching practice have been built upon my own unique and personal life experiences—I enjoy working with these and other diverse clients while offering the best possible coaching experience for you and for your family.

“Helping you live your best life with passion, purpose, and perseverance.”

Services I Offer

One on one sessions built around the specific needs of the individual. Adults, parents, kids, teens and young adults could all take part in these coaching sessions.

Group coaching centered around the unique needs, dynamics and challenges of your family unit.  When one or more family members live with behavioral health issues, everyone is affected. Family Coaching creates a safe place to learn effective communication skills as well as guidance to find the positive amongst the negatives while staying focused on moving forward with hope.

I will work with your elementary, middle, or high school student on organization skills, communication, scheduling, note-taking, as well as many other areas of stress for many students. I will help your student learn what works for them, while equipping them with the tools they’ll need for the most successful school year possible.

I love motivational speaking! I speak on a variety of topics or  can write a talk specific to your group’s purpose. I have spoken in church and retreat settings as a keynote speaker and co-speaker.


A four week series or one day workshop to help pre-teen and teenage girls learn how to plan for the future, get to know their authentic self, stand up to peer pressure, connect to their passions and become the leader of their lives and the teller of their stories.

Horses were and continue to be an important part of my adolescent’s recovery. For equine workshops, I teach with the same philosophy I use in my general workshops, but I partner with an Equine Therapist that will assist in teaching awareness, coping and confidence in partnership with a beautiful array of therapy horses in a serene ranch setting.

A variety of topics offered via skype, group calls and an online meeting space/accountability page for those in the group. Geographic location is not an issue with these workshops! You’ll learn in a fun and relaxed environment among others with similar goals as you. Build friendships and partnerships while working towards common goals and life changes together.

*All virtual workshops are also available locally in the Phoenix Area/South East Valley. 


Any of my workshops with a faith based, non-denominational Christian undertone- great for church groups, Bible studies and youth groups.

Meet Patricia

Hi there!

I spent the majority of the mid 2000s in debilitating chronic pain due to Fibromylagia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was also a single mother to my daughter who was born in 2001. I worked fulltime and spent much of my downtime in bed and in pain. Looking back, it is difficult to know my daughter spent some of her most impressionable years with a sick mom. In 2007, after getting married, I decided I wanted to use my experiences with chronic illness and single parenthood to help other people in similar situations. I became a Certified Christian Life Coach in 2008. Later that year, I moved from Washington to Arizona in the hope of silencing my Fibromyalgia symptoms and setbacks.

As my health improved, my marriage failed. During the last few years of my marriage, my daughter, who had always been extremely strong-willed,  began exhibiting concerning and disturbing behaviors that led us to counseling, psychiatry and neuropsychological testing. She was too young to receive an official diagnosis, but there were major behavioral health issues, the least of which were PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and DMDD (Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, see also: Bipolar Disorder). Navigating her struggles while I was a single mother is one of the hardest things I have ever experienced in my life. Living with someone with significant mental and behavioral health issues can make your life feel unbearably lonely. The most isolated I have felt was during those years.

My daughter and I have worked very hard for her recovery and I am relieved to say she has overcome many of the issues she once had. She is now a fulltime high school student and plans to pursue certification in Equine Therapy after she graduates.

At the cusp of her recovery, I met a man who understood our needs and possessed the patience to work through things together. We were later married and have one son together.

Through this journey I went on with my daughter, my eyes were opened to the deep needs of families and individuals not only who are living with behavioral health issues and mental illness, but also those who are going through transitions or experiencing their own crises on a regular basis. It is my greatest passion and deepest desire to help this community of people through coaching, advocacy, speaking, support and education. 

When you enter into a coaching relationship with me, walk into one of my workshops, or listen to me at a speaking engagement or podcast, I hope you will feel connected, genuinely cared for and see my heart and empathy for everything you have experienced/are experiencing.

*A note about Christian Coaching: my religious and spiritual views are rooted in faith in Jesus, but evolve over time. I will never force my personal beliefs on any client and will only coach from an overtly Christian perspective if requested by the client. I embrace all worldviews and walks of life with the attitude that we are stronger together and our differences should not divide us, but  bring us together through new perspectives.

Fee Structure

Free Meet n’ Greet

Out first conversation is always free of charge!

Working with a life coach is intimate; I come along side you as a friend, mentor and accountability partner, so it is important that my coaching style and our personalities jive! Whether we meet in person or over  the phone, take this opportunity to connect and share what you hope to gain from coaching, as well as any questions you may have about me or about coaching. If it feels like a good fit, we will begin regular sessions at my earliest available opening.

Individual Coaching: One-on-One, in person or virtually. $125/week (minimum four week commitment).

Family Coaching: Coaching for parents or an entire family unit, in person only. $200/week (minimum four week commitment).

Student Services: $50/hour, in person only. (One or more times per week).

Workshops and Speaking Engagements: price varies by number of participants and length of event. Contact me for more information.

Understanding My Fees: What’s included and why I charge by the week and not the hour.

Effective coaching in sports doesn’t stop once the practice or game is over and that’s especially true in life coaching and behavioral health coaching. I want you to experience success in getting from where you are to where you want to be and I want to give you more than one hour together every week! Life Coaching is not just theory- it is action oriented and focused. Each week, you will have specific tasks to complete. These will help you achieve your goals step-by-step throughout the course of our time together. I know making life changes is hard. If it were easy, we’d all be exactly where we want to be in life! But, change isn’t easy and life isn’t perfect, which is why I come alongside you throughout the week for added support, encouragement and  celebration, as well as to respond to questions and setbacks that may arise.

My availability to my clients ebbs and flows depending on the needs of the client, but here are some things you can expect from me in addition to our weekly scheduled coaching meetings:

Unlimited Email Support (within reason): Have a question about an assignment, task or project? Shoot me an email! Do you have a victory to celebrate? I want to hear about it! Are you having an especially hard day? Email me and we will work through it together. The line of communication is always open, because I want you to succeed! As your coach, there is nothing more important to me than seeing you achieve your goals.

Limited Text Support: If you need me right away, send me a text and we will assess together the next steps to get back on track. Please note: I will respond as soon as possible, but will not have my phone on during meetings with other clients.

Periodic Check-In/Accountability calls: There may be times I will initiate communication with you, just to check in and see how your week is going. This could also be in the form of emails and text messages, depending on your schedule and preferred way to be contacted.

*Weekly Coaching Sessions are 50 minutes in length. I will spend a minimum of another hour during the week tailoring my product to fit your unique needs, giving you an individualized coaching plan to help you reach your biggest dreams and desires!

**Scholarships are available and I run specials often. Contact me to learn more.

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